APC information

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Opcode Cache

General information

APC version5.1.3
PHP version7.0.33-0+deb9u10
Shared memory1 segment of 32 MB.
( memory, locking)
Start time05:46, 20 October 2020
Uptime18,555 d 5 h 46 min 27 s
File upload support

Host status diagrams

Memory usage
(multiple slices indicate fragments)
Hits and misses
Free: 20.9 MB (65.3%) Hits: [INVALID] (NaN%)
Used: 11.1 MB (34.7%) Misses: [INVALID] (NaN%)

File cache information

Cached files[INVALID] files ( bytes)
Request rate0.00 requests per second
Hit rate0.00 requests per second
Miss rate0.00 requests per second
Insertion rate0.00 requests per second
Cache full count

User cache information

Cached files2,156 files (10.96 MB)
Request rate0.27 requests per second
Hit rate0.20 requests per second
Miss rate0.07 requests per second
Insertion rate0.07 requests per second
Cache full count0

Runtime information

Detailed memory usage and fragmentation

Fragmentation: 6.76% (1.41 MB out of 20.9 MB in 853 fragments)